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  • Max Loan Referral Program

    Offer Your Clients Personal or Business Finance
    Become a Referral Partner and let’s grow together!
    Higher commission - Paid upon settlement.
    Easy to settle - Our loans are three times easier to be eligible than banks.
    Keep your brand - White label our products with your business image. Your business logo on our application form.
    Keep your client base – Download all your referred applications.
    Track your referral – Monitor your referrals with our referrer portal.

Tailored for your business

Max Financial Group offers a state of the loan referral program with the latest technology, it allows you to actively oversee your client's progress every step of the way. Join Max Financial Group today, and start earning more for you and your business. Signing up for our loan referral program is easy, simply fill out the Become a Referral Partner form to get started. Once you have received your own Personal & Business Loan referral link, you're ready to start earning.

Want to offer more to your clients? Or, perhaps you want to expand your lender panel? Joining Max Financial Group allows you to offer personal loans up to $10,000 and business loans up to $200,000. This will surely allow you to stand-out from other brokers.

Your Benefits:

  • Expand your lender panel
  • Get more deals settled: More commission
  • More loan options to your clients mean more return clients

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As an accountant, you are likely to come across clients who are experiencing short term cash flow issues. Considering that traditional financiers would not be a viable option for your clients, you can refer them to Max Finance where we may be able to help them out of a tight spot.

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Have you encountered clients short of funds?

We can offer your clients funds, whether they need to pay legal fees or are waiting upon settlement pay-out.

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Want to stand out amongst other insurance brokers?

Become a business finance broker too! Expand your customer base by offering business loans along with your insurance products.

With prior experience as an insurance broker, becoming a business finance broker comes quite easily. We can provide preliminary training for you to get you started.

Generate more income. Join us today!

Is your franchisee low on cash flow?

Max Funding offers business funding for franchise purchases and funding to resolve cash flow. Don’t let insufficient funding get in the way of your franchisees. Let us help them out.

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Are you good at generating leads?

If so, then Max Group would love to work with you. Max Group has one of the highest commission and conversation rate in the industry. We offer commission on a Cost Per Settlement basis (For royal referrers, Cost Per Lead).

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Want to make more sales?

Offer your customers “Buy now, pay later" options!

Research has shown that having a pay by instalment option can boost your sales, which is why many large retailers have been offering this option for years.

Max Financial may be able to tailor a financing option for your product.

Max Financial Group is open to a partnership with whichever industry you are in.

Do you require a tailored financing solution for your business? Contact our Business Development Manager today!

Our Awards

With our dedicated services to clients, we have been honoured with various awards.